Konrad Lohöfener

The craft of a bookbinder has hardly changed since the invention of the book in the 15th century. Woodbook is inspired by this old craft tradition and reinterprets it in a new way. The folding mechanism of a book and the material - bookbinding cloth - is the starting point and essential element of the furniture series. A textile hinge, in the form of a strip of colored bookbinding cloth, is used for chair and table. Glued to the wooden surfaces, it allows to unfold the flat pattern into a three-dimensional shape. In no time, a very light construction is built, which reminds of archaic architecture. Thanks to the folding mechanism, the table and chair can also be stowed and shipped in a very space-saving manner. Finalist for IFDA Design Award 2020/2021.




pine plywood, colored bookbinding cloth, rope


table: 76 x 220 (200) x 100 cm / chair: 180 (160) x 37 x 48 cm

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